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Data science is like baking cookies. Too many chocolate chips and you end up with goo.

I grew up reading dictionaries. Fascinated with language, I came to appreciate the power of a well-chosen word or turn-of-phrase to inspire, inform and persuade. But ever-present in mind is the reality that good writing requires balance. Too much of any one thing—too many clever phrasings, even—and the copy doesn't pop, it fizzles.

I'm also passionate about the stories we can tell with data. I appreciate its capacity to teach us new things about people and the world through application of both simple and complex algorithms.

Analyzing data, writing about data, visualizing data. Yum!

  • MS Office/Google Apps
  • R/Python/SPSS/Tableau
  • HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
  • Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/PremierPro
  • Marketing Strategy

reasons to
work with me

I use the same process for each project. The process begins by identifying the research question and ends with final deployment of the results.

When the project involves writing, I always write a first draft with pen and paper. Research shows that it changes the thinking process, slowing it down and allowing for more careful consideration. The typed version, then, becomes a very real, and much better, second draft.

Blog posts
Web pages
Journalism stories
White papers

what I do

Data Science

My shift toward data-driven content may be recent, but my strength as a writer allows me to render complex, highly technical information into reader-friendly text. This is due to my having a deep interest in and understanding of statistics, probability and machine learning.


Whether the content is digital or print, I excel at helping clients find their voice. Whether it's a website, a blog, a press release or other, I focus relentlessly on every word and phrase to make your content eminently shareable.

Marketing Strategy

For more than 15 years, I have helped clients large and small achieve their marketing objectives through digital content, presentations, videos and more. A propensity for research helps me uncover that golden nugget that always resonates.

Project types

  • Copywriting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Data journalism
  • Presentations
  • Blogging
  • Brand
  • Video production
  • Data mining
  • Lesley is an amazingly talented writer. She is well versed in all aspects of marketing and advertising and supports her content with credible sources. I would highly recommend Lesley if you are looking for a writer who is knowledgeable
    and thorough.

    Private Client

    Digital Marketing Agency
  • Great willingness to refine, adapt, and work through technical and strategic discussions.

    Private Client

    B2B Omnichannel Agency
  • I am most supportive of Lesley’s comprehension of communication theory, aptitude for conducting research and ability to write. Her performance established Lesley as a true intellectual thinker.  As such, my recommendation is devoid of conditions. I am very confident that if given the chance, Lesley will impress you all with her talents and commitment to producing exceptional work.

    Daniela Baroffio, PhD

    University of Southern California
    Annenberg School for Communications & Journalism
  • Lesley has written a couple of papers for me based on some thoughts and a point of view. Her uncanny ability to decipher my words and use some well-pointed questions to capture my message was excellent. I would recommend Lesley to anyone looking for a great partner.

    Private Client

    Analytics Consultant
  • Leslie did a nice job, and she was a great communicator. Her cooperative attitude made it a pleasure to work with her.

    Challenger Media

    Elite Data Science Blog
  • Lesley was a pleasure to work with. She communicates clearly and stays in contact. She completed our project with minimal direction. Will certainly hire again.

    Tulsa Public Schools

    Data Science White Paper

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